Alex "Z" Zazzaro (born April 22, 1988) is a video game programmer, composer, artist, post production editor, and visual effects producer.

Film Career Edit

Zazzaro first got involved in filming during Eagle Productions, but prior to that, originally got started in Computer Mathematics I, in which the final project of the course was to create a video with Adobe AfterEffects. Unfortunately, nearly all of his early works that he completed in solo are not in his possession, and likely are lost. (He's not too heartbroken about that though)

Early Solo Works Edit

Given that the majority of these works are no longer in his possession (and thus, cannot be found anywhere), summaries of these works have been given.

Computer Mathematics I Project Edit

The original specification for this project was to be half filmed, half After Effects, and with one greenscreen keyed scene. Being the lazy git that he is, he only actually managed to finish a little part of the After Effects portion, which consisted of many Google Image Search images of various inventions through history flying around and smacking into the "screen" (knocking it over), played over an extremely cheap song made in Sonic Foundry Acid Loops, finally ending with a credits scene and his greenscreen key, which consists of him walking up and waving, turning around, and jumping (in surprise) to the sudden appearance of the credits, and running offscreen as they roll.

Eagle Productions Midterm (First Year) Edit

Using Poser 4 and MSPaint, Zazzaro created a short advertisement for "The Coolest Action Game, The Sickest Fighting Game", in parody of a similar commercial that aired on TV at the time. The short consisted of only two scenes, both of which were only 3-5 seconds in length; Scene A is of the default Poser 4 male model running around a street (with simple texturing drawn in MSPaint) in a third-person view, and ending with him jumping onto a box placed on the street. Scene B consists of two Poser 4 male models (with different clothing colors) standing on top of a box, with a default Windows XP wallpaper of a sunset in the background. One model does a stock "karate kicking" pose and knocks the other model off the box (causing him to fall off the side and bottom of the screen), and ending in a victory pose with a nod. These two scenes were arranged together in various ways repeatedly, with various bits of Adobe Premier Title Deko on top of it to advertise the fictional game, all with a simple song thrown together in Sonic Foundry Acid Loops, which would actually serve to be the last time he used Acid Loops.

This is the only one of his shorts that Zazzaro has in his possession.

Eagle Productions Midterm (Second Year) Edit

Alex Zazzaro teamed with Jason Stubler to create a parody of a particular series of commercials aired by Jamster at the time. The Jamster commercials consisted of various wallpapers, screensavers, sounds, and ringtones (all of which were low quality, and overall undesirable) that could be obtained by sending a text message to the number "35555". In Zazzaro's parody, he and Stubler filmed various ridiculous activities (such as sitting on a radiator and jumping up going "OW"), and orchestrated them all together to resemble an extended version of a typical Jamster commercial.

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Filmography Edit

Years Title Role
  • Automaton 3 (TBD)
  • Automaton 2.5 (TBD)
  • Unsought Burdens
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • Editor?
  • End Credits
  • Extra, Boom Op
  • Cameo, Production Assistant
  • Editor
  • Score, Grip, Production Assistant
  • Production Assistant, End Credits
  • Crossing the Line
  • Adventure Robot Clause DX
  • BJP 2
  • Sound, Additional Score
  • Voice Actor, Director
  • End Credits
  • FM Files Ep 2
  • Slash 07
  • Camera OP
  • "Cameo"
  • Editor, Composer, Visual FX, Actor, Animator
  • Visual FX, Production Assistant
  • Actor
  • a221
  • Purgatory
  • Chek's car
  • Automaton 1
  • Actor, Visual FX
  • Actor
  • Actor, Editor, Visual FX
  • Actor, Editor, Visual FX