Breakdown (working title) is 2005 short horror film, directed by Clinton Golden. Dyre's first major production. The film features Nick Golden, AImee Hawkins, Lee Elliot, Colin O Niel, Bubba Whyche and David Gartin as the antagonist car repair man. All the dialogue in the film was ad libbed




September 2005


  • Nick Golden as Railey
  • Aimee Hawkins as Tei
  • Lee Elliot as Paul
  • Colin O Niel as Marcus
  • Bubba Whyche as Dom
  • David Gartin as Killer


  • Clinton Golden - Director, Camera. Story, Editing
  • Jason Butler - Camera, Editing
  • Shane Sabonya - Original Music
  • Stephen Rice - Props


There were two attempted remakes of Breakdown but both fell through. One in 2006 ( Breakdown 2.0) with Clinton and Nick Golden completely writing completely new script. The second by Alex Au and Jason Butler ( Breakdown Requiem {working title} ) in 2007.