Cold Red Banner was a science fiction film written and directed by Dan Simonson. It centers around the King of Englor--a fictional kingdom destroyed via corruption and war. The King of Englor blames his defeat on the treachery of his lead admirals and reunites the Englor Armada to seek revenge.

The film remains incomplete, attributable to many causes. The script itself was longer and more complex than any previously composed by any m-town film group known. This resulted in an ambitious project, but one filled with plot holes and straights of poor writing, resulting in tedious filming sessions. The script inhibited production, but post-production killed the film. Animation proved more tedious and than anticipated, dragging production to a stand-still and eventual halt. All-in-all, many lessons were learned.

Discussion on the future of the project continues between Alex Au and Dan Simonson despite that a large part of the original footage was lost in The Great Hard Drive Disaster. A rough cut of the production still exists, and combined with the raw footage still existing, massive animation efforts may make the production salvageable. 

Angry reactions to the educator reception of the film helped inspire the creation of the Filmmasons.


Cold Red Banner was originally divided into four acts. The majority of the script took place in the fourth act.

The film begins with the King of Englor--a defunct but once dominant kingdom--along with a few of his former advisors aboard the ship Semita Augusta. They attempt to sneak through some sort of sensory array but fail to do so successfully. A spy is caught onboard, nearly using the communication system of the ship to warn Cassidae Admiral Aesculpus about the impending return of the King of Englor.

The spy is interrogated, and a flashback reveals that the King entered Cassidae space to hunt down and kill the remaining two of three admirals who betrayed him. Their betrayal destroyed the Englor Kingdom and provided them with their current well-off positions within the Cassidae Empire.

The King of Englor sends a transmission to his remaining ships--ships which had been absorbed by the Cassidae Empire. Admiral Aesculpus is informed by one of his officers that the Englor ships are mutinying soon before being attacked by an Englor ship in his own vexillation. After surviving the attack, it is learned that the Englor ships are aggregating at Ilium--a resort planet for Cassidae elites. After learning this, Admiral Aesculpus has difficulty obtaining authorization to attack the newly resurrected Englor fleet at Ilium since other members of the high command fear Aesculpus is attempting a coup. Aesculpus ignores warnings and gathers whatever ships he can to launch a full strike against Ilium.

The physicist--computer operator--of the Semita Augusta is awaken by the arriving Cassidae Fleet lead by Admiral Aesculpus. A battle ensues. Both sides' leadership is distracted by revenge, resulting in an absolute bloodbath. The King of Englor uses the Semita Augusta to fly behind enemy lines and reach the Cassidae flagship.

When the King of Englor reaches Aesculpus, a duel ensues. The King kills Aesculpus and rams the Cassidae flagship into Ilium itself, aiming for the home of the third former Englor admiral. The admiral himself, is outside the home when it is crushed by the Cassidae flagship. The King narrowly survives the crash and--while attempting to kill the final admiral--is shot.

Soon after, the final admiral is arrested and charged with high crimes and treason--part of a coup for control of the Cassidae Empire--and the beginning of a Cassidae civil war. The ruins from the battle above Ilium leave a ring of debris around the planet.

Main crew of the the Semita Augusta

Cast Edit

  • Dan Simonson as Rex Englori, King of Englor
  • Clinton Golden as Admiral Aesculpus
  • Sarah Schultz as The Mechanic
  • Jeff Schultz as Cyster C
  • Alex Au as The Navigator
  • David Gartin as Communications Officer
  • Caitlin Lamb as Pilot
  • Jason Stubler as The Traitor
  • David Kurlin as Admiral Catullus
  • Alex Zahorchak as Admiral Fulius
  • Matt Oliver as crew (Kurlin)
  • Lacie Burke as crew(Aesculpus)
  • Aimee Hawkins as crew
  • Joji Furya as crew member
  • Justin Patterson as crew member
  • Josh Bookwalter as Fleet COmmander
  • Alex Kane as V.O.
  • Emily as crew (Kurlin)
  • Luke Johnson as Rex Obscurus

Crew Edit

  • Dan Simonson - Director, Writer, Art Director, Visual FX Sup,
  • Alex Au - DP, Visual FX, 3D Animator
  • Clinton Golden - Production Design, Set Construction
  • Matt Oliver - Props
  • David Gartin - Set Construction
  • Joji Furuya - 3D Animator
  • Alex Zazzaro - Special FX (Ship Screen Displays)
  • Alex Kane - Original Music, Assistant Camera
  • Jeff Schultz - set construction
  • Justin Pat terson - set construction
  • Josh B ookwalter - set construction