Dan Simonson (born: Daniel Edward Simonson, full name: Daniel Edward Simonson, Emperor of the Moon) is a writer and director. He has dabbled in animation, acting, and public hoaxes.

While a part of Eagle Productions, productions featuring Simonson's animation and editing featured the Magna Labratoria Graphicae Cymensoniae label.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Role
  • Untitled Cold Red Banner Project
  • Writer
  • JMU Physics Holiday Video: 2009
  • Forget Me Not
  • Ambush House
  • Writer, Editor/FX, Newscaster
  • 2nd Unit Director
  • Actor
  • JMU Physics Holiday Video: 2008
  • Crossing The Line [Alt.]
  • Nick's Breakfast
  • BJP 2
  • Actor
  • Co-Director, Actor
  • ?
  • Actor
  • Communist, Writer
  • Actor, Director, Screenplay
  • Actor, Director, Screenplay
  • Actor, 2nd Unit(uncredited)
  • Director, Actor, Editor
  • Actor
  • Director, Screenplay, Actor, Editor, Animation
  • Actor
  • Actor, Animation
  • Director, Actor
  • Director, Actor

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