Das Clamp is one of the very few videos spoken in language other than English. Written and directed by Dan Simonson, the video was made for German 3 class after the last minute cancellation of Verloren Gegangen.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Dan Simonson - 3D, Visual FX

Plot Edit

An unnamed evil man seeks to steal "Das Clamp," a clamp that holds the world together. It's heroic defender seeks to prevent the theft of this magical device. The thieves go to get something to eat. Meanwhile, God attempts to obtain the clamp. Depsite his omnipotence, he doesn't. The evil men return to steal the clamp. One of them is killed, the other "Destroy the childhood dreams" of the defender by gunning him down. In the final scene, the evil man duels with God and is mercilessly destroyed, after which, God breaks his pact with Noah and destroys the Earth.

Das Clamp at Google Video