The Filmmasons is a society of creative residents of Manassas, Virginia. It was formed in late April 2006 during the birthday celebration of Alex "Chak" Zahorchak. After formation, the purpose, structure, and role of the society was left rather ambiguous, and no formal meeting of Filmmasons has been held since. The title today remains an informal association of people interested in film in and around Manassas, Virginia.

Although created by a member of the Filmmasons, Filmmasons Media is a separate entity.


The birthday celebration of Alex Zahorchak was held in his garage. In attendance were many members of the present Eagle Productions audio-visual class.

Initial festivities--video games and food--led to the attendees discussing their futures and, in particular, their passion for their own films and the fear that their films were being theived by the instructor of Eagle Productions. The attendees became furious at the possibilities of such an event, and they swore on forks fight any such oppression.


What defines a Filmmason is rather ambiguous. More or less, someone considered a Filmmason by the rest of the Filmmasons is a Filmmason. Many individuals not present during the formation are considered Filmmasons and--of important note--on equal par with those present at the formation.


The Filmmasons' future is as ambiguous as its membership. Although most of the members remain in touch, it is likely that they will be scattered across the country in the near future. This will further change the meaning of Filmmason or diminish the title from any sort of appropriate use.