Forget Me Not is a video Directed by Jeff Schultz and written by Nick Golden. The production was the first project to enter the drama genre and was produced with higher technical standards than previously conceivable, including the use of camera dolleys and boom mics.

Pre Pro & Production Edit

Started out as a concept in January of 2009.  Principal photography began in Feburary.

A good amount of scenes involving Emilie Bachman without her being in the shot had stand-ins when she wasn't present due to her strict curfew.

Emilie Bachman , Sam Hulett, and Stephen Seward's first major on screen role.

Stephen Seward got his role after Jeff Schultz liked his delivery of "Just point and shoot" in Alien Crisis

First use of a boom mic provided by Francis Torres

Cast & Crew Edit

Cast Edit

  • Nick Golden as John
  • Emilie Bachman as Chelsea
  • Sam Hulett as
  • Stephen Seward as
  • Sarah Schultz as Chelsea's Sister
  • Alex Zahorchak as Partygoer
  • Ryan Martin as Partygoer
  • Jeff Schultz as Partygoer
  • Caitlin Lamb as Partygoer
  • Mike Schultz as Partygoer
  • Lisa Ann Gross as Partygoer
  • Kate Sentz as Partygoer
  • James Cross as Party guy
  • Michael Morrow as Party goer

Crew Edit

  • Director - Jeff Schultz
  • Dan Simonson - 2nd Unit Director
  • Nick Golden - Screenplay
  • Alex Au - DP, Editor
  • Sarah Schultz - Assistant Director
  • Ashley Kenworthy - Grip
  • Matt Bui - Craft Services
  • Noelle Burgess - PA
  • Ryan Martin - PA
  • Alex Zazzaro - PA
  • Daniel Bookwalter - screening, critic
  • Ben Hulett - screening, critic