Formed in 2003 by Alex Au

GEhn Studios is a video production group, visual effects, and distrubution company based in Manassas. It played a major role in Eagle Productions by providing editing and visual effects for fellow students.

Also Known As GEhn FX(2008?)  and Studio GEhn as of November 2009


GEhn Studios was formed after the dissolving of Gaming Enhanced which part of a craze of forum/ message boards (see The Great Message Boards Fad).Alex Au, the creator, made an acronym out of the name thus forming "GEhn". Joji Furuya's, Bookoo Productions was incorporated in GEhn Studios by May 2006.

Visual Effects

Broke even ground with Star Warz : The Shattered Return [2005] in setting a new standard in video visual effects at OHS : Eagle Productions. Heavy use of blue and green screen keying and other visuals set new standards. Other notible such as the Avalon Promo, Ambush House, Cold Red Banner and Guardian
First split 2

Post production filters for Stalemate[2009]


Original Shorts

  • Unsought Burdens [2010]
  • Lights Out [2009]
  • No More No Less [2009]
  • FM Files Episode 2 [2007/2008]
  • FM Files Episode 1 [2006]
  • Penance [2006]
  • Red VS Blue Spoof : The War of the Idiots [2006]
  • Star Warz : The Shattered Return [2005]
  • Reloaded Ninja
  • Roundhouse Chicken [2005]
  • Oigo Revisited [2005]
  • Galaxy Warz 2 [2005]
  • Galaxy Warz [2003]
  • Pro Assasins [2001]

Associated productions (production and post production)

  • Avalon : Legend of Morsander (VFX)
  • Stranded (Visual FX)
  • E.T.I. Pilot (Visual FX)
  • Acquiring Talent [2009] - (Production)
  • John[2009] - (Production)
  • Plenty of Fine Qualities [2009] - (Post Production, Visual FX)
  • Stalemate [2009] - (Production, Visual Effects)
  • Willy Rivers [2009] - (Production, Visual Effects)
  • Forget Me Not [2009] - (VFXPost Production)
  • Ambush House [2009] (Production, Post Production)
  • BJP 2 [2008] (Production, Post Production)
  • Avalon Promo [2008] (Visual Effects)
  • BJP 1 [2008] (Post Production)
  • Guardian [2007] (VFX)
  • 007: Double or Nothing [2007] (Editing, Post Production, Visual Effects)
  • Slash 07 [2007] (Editing)
  • Macbeth : The Rise of Fleance [2006] (Editing)
  • Cold Red Banner [2006] (Production Visual Effects)
  • Instability [2006] (VFX)
  • Oigo [2005]


Alex Au

Alex Zazzaro

Francis Torres

Gustavo Ordaz

Dan Simonson

Annie Au

Hubert Au

Steph Chan?

Former Members

Joji Furya

Justin Patterson

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