Production Edit


Release Edit


Cast Edit

  • Michael Morrow as Elliot
  • Marybeth McIvor as Erin
  • Tyler Cook as Charlie
  • Crystal Au as Tiffany
  • Nick Sinclair as John (extended cut)
  • David Gartin as Nararrator (extended cut)

Crew Edit

  • ?? - Director
  • Marybeth MciVor - Writer/ Story
  • Grace Donavan - Writer/ Story
  • Alex Au - Lighting
  • Francis Torres - DP
  • Michael Khoo - Editor
  • Goose Ordaz - Grip/ Boom
  • Michael Khoo - Craft Services
  • Michael Morrow - Craft Services

Video Edit

[John] at youtube

[John] at Vimeo (Extended Cut)

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