Magna Labratoria Graphicae Cymensoniae (abbreviated: MLGC, translation: Great Labratoria of Graphics of Cymensonia) was the production label of Dan Simonson during high school. All productions edited or rendered with Simonson's own hand received the MLGC label. Since high school, Simonson has mostly been inactive, and the label has fallen into disuse.

The name Cymensonia was adopted from the fictional universe in which Cold Red Banner takes place, though it was--additionally--the nickname for Dan Simonson's room--the room that MLGC existed in.

History and Productions Edit

The MLGC label was first used in Star Wars : The Shattered Return. Simonson had added animation and edited other productions prior to this, but this was the first case where a production relied on large amounts of Simonson's animation, predominantly in Bryce. The original label featured the text "Magna Labratoria Graphicae Cymensonia" in Arial Black, cut out on top of a Bryce render. The Bryce render was a sphere with a texture of the moon rotating over clouds.

MLGC edited the German project "Aschenputtel." This was not released to the internet. It was the first film to use the "new" label, one created entirely in Bryce--a group of cubes that return from a dissolved state to for the words "Magna Labratoria Graphicae Cymensoniae."

With inspiration and motivation from the success of Star Wars: TSR and Instability, Dan Simonson wrote Cold Red Banner to demonstrate the full capacities of MLGC. The animation process of Star Wars: TSR taught Dan Simonson a lot about the animation process, and in CRB, he intended to put these lessons to work. Ironically, ambition outweighed ability, and the animation process brought CRB screetching to halt.

The last production to feature the MLGC label was Das Clamp, a second film for Dan Simonson's German class. This was a last-minute comedy entirely in German written with deadpan humor and on short-notice. The original film intended for this project was Verloren Gegangen, cancelled because the German teacher thought the German script was unsalvagable. The cancellation required a new script, and Das Clamp was created. The film featured a small amount of Bryce animation and MLGC's first experiments with more advanced matte effects.

More productions have been created since Das Clamp with MLGC resources, but none have been released under the label.

Staff Edit

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