Formed in 2006 founded by Jeff Schultz The group focuses on making original shorts.
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Formed in second half of 2006 as Ambience Entertainment by Jeff Schultz with former members of Dark Side productions. In 2009 Ambience was renamed Midnight Release by Matt Bui.


  • Stranded [2009]
  • Pepsi Rockband [2009]
  • Forget Me Not [2009]
  • Ambush House [2009]
  • The Mooch [2008]
  • Nick's Breakfast [2008]
  • Slash 07 [2007]
  • Other Thoughts [2006]
  • Friends [2006]
  • Dream Fight [2006]

Associated Productions

  • Avalon : Legend of Morsander [2009]
  • E.T.I. Pilot [2009]

== Members ==

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a group picture of the crew

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