No More Less (working title) is 2009 short film, directed by Alex Au and starring Michael Morrow and Anissa Felix. This is Alex's second directing role though he took part in assistant directing Ambush House and Crossing the Line. Star WarZ : The Shattered Return was his first.


Started back in Janurary 2009. Filming began in May 2009.




  • Michael Morrow as Jerry Calhoun
  • Anissa Felix as Allison "Felix"
  • Matt Bueller Sachs as Colonel Straum
  • Nick Nielsen as Federation Grunt
  • Andrew Lee as Federation Grunt
  • Michael Khoo as Alpha Team body "Michael"
  • Alex Zahorchak as Alpha Team body "Zachorsky"
  • Alex Zazzaro as Alpha Team body "Z"
  • ___ as Carl
  • ___ as Commander


  • Alex Au - Director, Story, DP, Costumes
  • Sarah Schultz - camera op, DP
  • Alex Zahorchak - camera op, DP
  • Anissa Felix - Makeup, Costumes
  • Michael Khoo - PA
  • Alex Zazarro - PA
  • Joeseph ___ - Craft services


  • [about:blank No More No Less] at youtube