Star Wars : The Shattered Return

is a starwars fan film directed by Alex Au and Josh Bookwalter starring Sarah Schultz, Jeff Schultz and Daniel Bookwalter




Crew & Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Alex Au - Co - Director, DP, Visual FX Supervisor
  • Josh Bookwalter - Director, Visual FX
  • Ben Bookwalter - Camera Ops
  • Justin Patterson - Camera Ops, Visual FX
  • Conor Grogan - Camera Ops
  • Joji Furuya - Visual FX
  • Dan Simonson - 3D

Cast Edit

  • Sarah Schultz as Tsula
  • Josh Bookwalter as Gaius
  • Daniel Bookwalter as
  • Jeff Schultz as Jedi Knight, Imperial Crew
  • Joji Furuya as Jedi Master
  • Alex Au as Jedi Master Justinian?
  • Jacque Oulette as Jedi Master
  • Eric Fogle as Imperial Crew Member
  • Luke Johnson as Imperial Storm Trooper
  • Matt Oliver as Imperial Storm Trooper
  • Joshiah Bookwalter
  • Dan Simonson as Rebel Captain, Emperor
  • Caitlin Lamb as Imperial
  • Justin Patterson

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