Stranded poster beta
video written and directed by Alex Zahorchak

A return to filming in the forest...

Cast & Crew Edit


Cast Edit

  • Derrick as Taf
  • Sarah Schultz as Hera
  • Nick Golden as Geoff
  • Daniel Bookwalter as Miles
  • Clinton Golden as Peace
  • Emilie Bachman??? as Peace's Sister
  • Karina Saburova??? as

Crew Edit

  • Alex Zahorchak - Director, Writer, Grip, Craft Services
  • Clinton Golden - 2nd Unit Director
  • Nick Golden - Assistant Director, Dolly
  • Alex Au- DP, Editor, Grip
  • Michael Picher - Original Music
  • Daniel Bookwalter - Technical Adviser (guns), Dolly, Craft Services
  • Francis Torres - DP, Boom Provider
  • Scott Shumaker - Boom Operator
  • Jeff Schultz -Boom Operator, Foley Artist
  • Hubert Au -  Additional Thanks

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